Servant Partners Internships - San Jose

Opportunity Overview

Servant Partner’s two-year internship equips mature disciples as servant leaders who actively love the urban poor through communal and experiential discipleship. Interns live together, study Scripture together, and minister together while pursuing a deeper relationship with God. One intern described her experience as “a two-year crash course in deeper discipleship.” If you’re looking to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus and you want to grow in serving the poor, this could be a great place for you!

Important Dates
The two-year internship begins in the fall each year. The application period for Fall 2019 sites begins in January.
  • Application Deadline: January 21, 2019
  • Interview Weekend: February 22-24, 2019 in San Jose, CA (Attendance Required)
  • Internship Duration: Fall 2019 - Spring 2021 for two-year program

Interns commit to community
Interns live together in an urban poor neighborhood within Greater Los Angeles, San José, or Philadelphia near one of our partner churches. This is an intentional community living experience where interns are eating together, praying together, serving their neighbors together as well as learning to love and reconcile with one another.

Interns commit to discipleship
Interns will be open to hearing the voice of God in new and unexpected ways--in the Scriptures, from staff members, from neighbors, and from each other. We begin in the early fall with a three week trip to an overseas slum to give interns a vision for urban church planting and holistic community transformation. Upon returning to the US, interns serve and live among their low-income neighbors to personally understand the needs and struggles of the neighborhood. As they participate in the ministry of a local church in their communities, interns receive practical training on the ins and outs of church planting and community organizing among the urban poor.

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