Spring Mission Year Justice Trip (Option 1)

Opportunity Overview

We define justice as the way God intends the world to be. Justice is a tangible expression of love. It involves loving our neighbors in all the ways we love ourselves, standing with those who are suffering, and interrupting the systems that steal, kill, and destroy. We’re flipping the script on the typical missions trip! For us, missions is not just a trip, it’s a lifestyle. Our week-long trips bring together Christians from all ages and backgrounds to enter into what God is doing in the city. We believe God is alive in the city. We invite you to come visit us in the neighborhood, serve with us, learn from local leaders, and join in with the movement of God as you are challenged to love God and love people. 

Mission Year emphasizes a philosophy of mutuality in missions. Our mission is to not only serve others, but allow ourselves to learn, grow, and be transformed through our encounters with God and others in the city. Learning to see where God is at work in the people and places where you serve is just as important as any service work you actually perform.

During our week-long Justice Trips, participants will explore values of faith, community, solidarity, and justice, and reflect on ways to incorporate them into their daily lives back home. During the week you will:

  • Spend time connecting intimately with God both in the morning and evening.
  • Join in with what God is doing at local service organizations and ministries.
  • Spend a day on an Urban Solitude retreat to encounter God’s heart for people.
  • Engage in evening sessions of teaching from local leaders on topics such as faith, community, and justice.

The cost of a week long Justice Trip during this week is $400 per person, NOT including a round trip flight. Visit our website today for more information! We're looking forward to connecting with you! 

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