Scottish Gaelic Project

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TEAM SIZE: 5 to 10 graduates, or students currently in their 2nd or 3rd year of study
GENDER: a mix of single males, single females, and couples
DURATION: the project would be from 1 to 3 years (preferably 3) - this is because the project is based on participating in a study programme in the Gaelic language at a Gaelic-medium university, including a certified recognition of study, up to a bachelor's degree in Gaelic. The arrival and departure dates given are approximate, though we are looking at 2020 to begin the project. It is for this reason, we are recruiting now. 
PROGRAMME: Explorer. The Explorer programme with Linguæ Christi is for medium-term projects (6-24 months, in this case up to 36 months). At the conclusion of the project, there may be possibilities to transfer to our career missions programme. 

This project consists of a team of individuals and/or couples enrolment in an established university in a Gaelic-speaking area of Scotland. The primary focus would be an intensive course of study in the language and culture toward a goal of fluency or high competence in the language. Ideally, this project could be extended for as long as participants remain enrolled and are continuing language/culture study on a full-time basis, with an option to continue through an actual degree in Gaelic (generally 3 years for a bachelor’s degree). As part of the long-term strategy as well as platform, project participants would also receive training from Linguæ Christi and partner ministries in the area of oral Bible development in Gaelic, which would be the basis of local ministry during the time of study (see below), as well as long-term strategic development of orality-based evangelism, discipleship, and Church-planting strategies in Gaelic.

As a secondary focus whilst in full-time study, these personnel would also attempt to develop an organic-missional campus outreach among the students at the institution of study. The goal is evangelism, discipleship, and group development (Church-planting) through Gaelic with Gaelic-speaking students, as well as the foundation for an ongoing campus ministry to be led and carried forward by national believers coming from this ministry and approach.

The Gospel of Jesus is one that redeems individuals, families and communities and permeates every aspect of our lives. Our goal is to build relationships that lead to spiritual conversations, followers of Christ, and disciple-making disciples living in authentic and Biblical spiritual communities. We open our lives to God's far-reaching work with the help of an approach we call the six-fold incarnational strategy.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS (before arrival on-field): English


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