Gap Year - Holy Land / Africa - 2019-2020

Opportunity Overview

Join this incredibly unique Gap Year mission trip! Although they are radically different cultures and points on the map, there are endless parallels between life in the modern day Holy Land and the struggles in post-apartheid South Africa. Fear, misunderstanding, injustice, "us vs. them" thinking, separation. As you step into daily life and ministry, you’ll be forced to confront the real ethnic, religious and racial tensions that exist, while working to build relationships with people from very different cultures.

After living in the Holy Land for 3-months with Muslim, Jewish and Christian host families, you’ll return home for the holidays before heading to southern Africa for 6 months. Complete worldview training alongside EM’s African staff, and live your mission alongside thriving ministries in South Africa, Lesotho, and Namibia.

This Gap Year combines 2 distinct IMMERSION terms into one, year-long experience: 3-Month Holy Land and 6-Month Africa.

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