Gap Year - Africa - 2019-2020

Opportunity Overview

It’s easy to talk about Africa like it’s one place. But after 9-months of living and serving throughout the Southern region of the continent, you’ll understand the nuances, cultures, languages, and history a little bit better! Serve in a wide range of ministry settings (as part of 2 unique IMMERSION terms): the busy urban center of Pretoria, forgotten squatter camps, villages tucked between mountains, desert boarding schools, and bustling coastal towns. You’ll be a part of local ministries who are reaching their own communities with the message of Jesus.

This unique Gap Year IMMERSION combination allows you to begin by serving in South Africa with a 3-month fall team and then return to the same community at the start of your 6-month term in January. You’ll participate in worldview training with the Director of EM Africa, learning even more about the many communities on the itinerary and what it means when people say Africa is both broken and blessed.

This Gap Year combines 2 distinct IMMERSION terms into one, year-long experience: 3-Month South Africa and 6-Month Africa.

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