Ecuador: Achuar Cultural Experience

Opportunity Overview

DATES: January 2-10, 2020

LENGTH: 9 Days

PLACE: Ecuadorian Rainforest


VILLAGES: Santiak and Kaunkua

PURPOSE: Join us for this unique cultural immersion experience during which you will experience and participate in all aspects of Achaur village life and their cultural traditions and activities. During the trip we will discuss the effect of being dependent on others for our day to day needs and how this can apply to the way we think and do missions.

COST: $1500 plus round trip airfare from St. Louis, Missouri to Quito, Ecuador. $1500 fee covers all expenses while in Ecuador and includes: meals, lodging, transportation and all activities. Cost does not cover required background check, passport or vaccinations.


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Cost: $1,500.00 due 11/30/2019

Milestone Amount Due Date
Non-Refundable Security Deposit $500.00 10/28/2019
  1. Participants are required to pass a background check, have a current passport and receive the required vaccinations for travel to Ecuador.
  1. Participants will be participating in the day to day life of the Achuar and will participate in their cultural activities. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in Christian activites with the Christians in the community.
  1. Participants must be 18 years old or older, in good heath, able to walk briskly on uneven ground for 25 minutes, and be a Christian.
  1. Participants need to raise the following fees: $1500 trip fee, roundtrip airfare from St. Louis to Quito, Ecuador, background check cost, current passport cost and cost of required vaccinations.

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